About Us

Small businesses thrive on sales so they need consistent follow up on their sales leads and intelligent business development for their client base. Whether it’s filling your sales funnel, prospecting for new clients, surveying existing clients or simply using a freelance sales professional to revisit existing clients, Cold Calling Diva can help.

At Cold Calling Diva, we are proud to offer services that can assist you in gaining two most valuable commodities; time and freedom.

Sandy is a professional sales executive with over 20 years experience as top sales performer in a variety of industries, such as print/online advertising sales in the Real Estate industry, membership sales, and PEO outsourcing sales. She has exceptional competence in building and maintaining relationships. With her proven track record, she can increase the bottom line of your company.

We look forward to working with you virtually and reliably, domestically or globally. If you are ready to find out more . . . Let’s get started!

Discover how the Cold Calling Diva can create time for you!

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