Top 5 Qualities You Gotta Have To Sell

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We can argue about whether or not the Great Recession is over, but most midmarket and large companies are at least considering expanding their sales forces to beat their competitors to an anticipated recovering marketplace. Finding effective sales people has always been a challenge, and most sales consultants will tell you that the 80/20 rule applies, 80% of sales people deliver 20% of sales revenues (and vice versa). What are those hard-to-find qualities that employers should seek in expanding their sales force to meet anticipated demand?

1. Persistence.  Persistence is the key to landing the sale. How do you follow up often enough to get the sale without coming on too strong?

Persistence is a vital skill that every sales person needs. It’s been said that most sales are made after eight contacts with a prospect. However, most people tend to give up after just three or four attempts

2. Passion. Genuine love for a product gets salespeople through the inevitable dark times, and it makes their offers all the more irresistible to their clients. Passion, like creativity, cannot be faked, so it has great weight with customers.

3. Integrity. Why are used-car salesmen so poorly regarded? Because the perception is that they lack integrity and that they’ll say anything to get the sale. Integrity tops the list of qualities salespeople need. “We’re building a relationship, and it’s imperative that the customer trusts the salesperson.”

4. Tenacity. Shelving feelings of rejection to keep plugging away is another essential requirement for sales success. “It takes personal courage to get up every morning and say ‘I am going to be the best.   Sales requires someone who can always see possibilities, even in difficult situations.”

5. Commitment. The sales cycle for any big deal can typically take months, even years. Keeping an eye on the prize, while continuing to sell to other prospects simultaneously, takes commitment. “Selling is never easy.  “You must have a burning desire.   Success is the result of a person’s “willingness and intent to make things happen.”

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