Driven, Persistent, and Filled with Personal Integrity

Sandy is smart, funny, creative, driven, persistent, and filled with personal integrity. I would trust her to make decisions for me personally and with regards to a service provided to me by her because of her level of trustworthiness. She can think on her feet and she will work harder for you than just for herself. That’s what makes her the best at what she does in her service industry field. She is determined to perform well on the jobs she is hired for and is so easy and pleasant to work with. I admire her ability to win friends and influence people. October 2, 2012

Shelley Burke, Business Development Manager, Burke Painting, Inc. (business partner)


Great Results, Personable, High Integrity

Sandy is the most talented business development professional and savvy business owner that gets results! A natural “people person”, we continue to benefit from her positive energy, collaborative attitude and flexibility. With a high sales closing rate, she contributes significantly to our strong growth performance and customer service. I highly recommend Sandy for anyone seeking these attributes.

Yvonne Riner


Impeccable Work Habits, High Energy

If you are seeking a professional with a desire to succeed in her everyday goals, then look no further. Sandy has impeccable work habits and a long list of achievements. Sandy is a very high energy person that does not know the meaning of failure or being #2 in anything she does. If you have the opportunity to work with Sandy or have Sandy as an employee, then feel very blessed. You will not be sorry you gave her a chance to upgrade your company. Performance is her #1 daily goal! I could never understand where she got so much energy when it comes to getting the job done.

Martin Sloan


Honest, Hard Working

Sandy has very high ethics both personally and professionally. She is honest and hard working and you can count on her to follow through with anything you ask of her. She is willing to help others succeed and takes much pride in her work. She is reliable and a true genuine person so it isĀ  easy to communicate with her.

Michaelanne Searles, Alternative Benefits Consultant

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